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To the great folks at FX,

I’m an Australian TV watcher, emailing the network in a bid to persuade and add my name to the list of constantly growing fans of your unbelievably superb show, Terriers.

This email / blog post is one I hope is read with the impending announcement of the renewal of your brilliant show Terriers. Now understandably, and from what I’ve read around the blogs and news sites, the ratings aren’t really a justification for Terriers renewal. However, the series that FX, Ted Griffiths, Shawn Ryan and his writers have developed is on a level that transcends the quality of television that has been on display this passing season.

Just look at the talent on display. Everyone on board is fantastic. Donal Logue and Michael Raymond-James’s chemistry on screen is just superb, and the actors on support - the gorgeous Laura Allen and Rockmond Dunbar, also bring about fantastic depth to their characters as well. These strong and powerful performances are what drive the show, without them and their coupling with the lovely stories we’re told week to week, this show wouldn’t be what it is. Fantastic television.

I’m not a TV critic, so you could say that my opinion on all of these characters and stories is somewhat superfluous and flawed, but this is a show I thoroughly enjoy watching week after week and rewatching week after week - isn’t that reason enough for a renewal? For those wanting to to see Alan Sepinwall’s great article about why Terriers should be around for a long time. Click here.

This show has charm, heart, love and I’m sure you have been keeping an eye on the critics response to the first season. I think more importantly, this is one of the very few, if only, show I’ve identified with on such a personal level in recent memory. I don’t campaign for many TV shows, I just watch them deteriorate, and perhaps that makes me the worse kind of fan. However FX, you’ve got a true fan in myself and the small, but strong, ever growing legions. Terriers is a show that lives up to it’s title, it’s a bit scruffy (See: Hank’s beard), but will always be loyal to it’s audience and will stay with us until it’s last breath.

I know for a fact that I will be buying the DVD and anything related to this show just to keep it alive, I’ve already got myself an Amazon subscription. I’ve been writing this over the last week or two after seeing a fantastic jump in the demographic pull and the overall ratings and I, like the rest of the fans know the ratings uptick is a sign that this show just wants an owner that loves it. FX - you’re the one to do it. You know you want to!

Seductive, chilling house.

Interesting. I love Zelda.

Interesting. I love Zelda.

Swoon. This is the beginning of the bread crumb trail.

Swoon. This is the beginning of the bread crumb trail.

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